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Stress Free Wedding Planning

When most brides talk about wedding planning, many will say that it is a very stressful. Many brides and grooms feel that is is one of the biggest projects of their life. This is because of the time, money, intricate detail required and oversupply of possibility and choices available. Not to mention the inter family […]

Wedding Anniversary Origins

We celebrate wedding anniversaries. It is a standard thing in modern day society. Did you know that this was once not the case. Back in the olden days you got married and that was it. You were married for life and there is no reason to celebrate it every year. This is because it’s just […]

Wedding Guest Speech Guide With Examples

One question that comes to us from time to time is “Can guests speak at our wedding and how do we go about it?”. In simple terms, the answer is yes you can have a wedding guest speech/speeches. After all it is your wedding and you can have it how you see fit. While not […]

Bridesmaid Speech Guide With Examples

So you are a bridesmaid and want to give an awesome bridesmaid speech? Then you have come to the right place. These days everyone wants to speak at the wedding. Traditionally the groom, best man, father and mother of the bride would speak. However various members of the bridal party these days have decided to contribute […]

Wedding Anniversary Meanings: Anniversary Colours

Today we continue on our anniversary gift lists with Wedding Anniversary Colours. We have covered traditional, modern and anniversary gemstones and gifts. Today we are looking at Anniversary Colours. Each year has its own colour of significance. Of course you can give an anniversary gift to your significant of your choosing as you know them […]

Wedding Anniversary Meanings: Anniversary Gemstones

Today we are looking at anniversary gemstones. We will look at each year and list the types of anniversary gemstone. This includes the alternative gemstone you can also give). Underneath the list we go through each of the anniversary gemstones mentioned. We talk about the meaning and significance of them. If you are looking for […]

Wedding Anniversary Meanings: Modern Anniversary Gift

When people think of anniversary gifts, they often think of the traditional gifts of paper, leather, copper and so on. People do not realise is that there is a modern version of the wedding anniversary list. After much interest in our previous blog post Wedding Anniversary: Traditional Gifts, I thought it would be fitting to continue […]

How To: Cringy And Worst Wedding Speech Guide With Examples

According to one study they found that wedding speeches are the most commonly talked about thing when people go home after a wedding. The study found 2 things. The first is that 95% of wedding guests will discuss the speeches. Secondly is that at least 50% of those people surveyed mentioned a bad wedding speech nearly ruined […]

Groomsmen Speech Guide With Examples

Almost everyone can speak at a wedding on the bridal table. This ranges from the groom, best man, bride, parents and so on… heck even the bridesmaids can host a speech as well. This then leaves one question… Do the groomsmen speak? Sure the best man speaks but what about the rest of this manly […]

Wedding Anniversary Meanings: Traditional Gifts 1st To 90th Anniversary & Gift Ideas

A lot of people I know say that the first year anniversary is paper. They don’t know why but they heard it somewhere. People also say the 3rd year is leather which is then followed by a  . Today we are looking at Wedding Anniversary Meanings for traditional gifts in our rather extensive anniversary gift guide. […]

Maid Of Honour Speech Guide With Examples

Congratulations you are the maid of honour (or matron of honour), and you have decided to give a speech. The Maid Of Honour Speech is entirely optional, and what makes it fun is that you do not have to do it alone. The Maid of Honour Speech is focused on the bride and from the […]