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Should You Invite Work Colleagues To Your Wedding

You are in the middle of planning your wedding and the talk of the guest list comes up. You know which family and friends are to be invited without questions. Sure you may debate some distant relatives and some not so close friends. But what about the question many couples ask themselves if you should […]

Getting Sick A Week Before Your Wedding – What You Can Do!

You are all set for your big day. The venue and ceremony space are both booked, photographer, DJ, Photo Booth are all set. There is just one catch, you are one week away from your wedding, and you are starting to come down with the flu. The last thing you want to happen is to […]

Airtasker Wedding Coordinator – What You Need To Know

This blog was inspired by something that happened at a wedding expo that we attended. While exhibiting a lady walked past. Speaking to her, we mentioned our wedding coordinator service and pricing. She said, “That’s expensive. I will just get an Airtasker Wedding Coordinator for super cheap”. We said “As long as the person from […]

Should You Invite Your Work Friend To Your Wedding

You are probably towards the beginning of your wedding planning journey. You know which of your friends, family, acquaintances of who you will / will not invite. The question you then ask yourself is if you should invite your work friends. I mean why not, you see them 5 days a week and they are […]