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Baby Shower

A baby shower is a way to celebrate the expected birth of a child (traditionally the first child) by presenting gifts to the mother at a party.

The team at Pink Caviar can help with planning and throwing a baby shower. We can help with the planning process from organising a venue, decor, food, beverages and some fun games. We will come out to set up and decorate the space for you so you can spend more time with the mum-to-be.

A selection of “Most-Asked”questions when we plan a Baby Shower:

Baby Shower Pink Caviar1. When and where to have a Baby Shower?

We recommend having the baby shower at least 6-8 weeks prior to the expected birth.

Pending on your budget, location and number of expected guests we can help you to locate and secure the ideal space for this event. Our styling team can also assist with decorations to theme the space accordingly.

2. Who to invite?

Traditionally, a baby shower is for females. You will want to refer to the mum-to-be to ensure that you include mothers, sisters, aunties, best friends work colleagues etc. Once a list is created we can assist with invitations and RSVP management (if required).

3. What to serve?

Pending on your budget and time of day, you may look to serve morning/ afternoon tea or a light lunch. Our team will work with you to design a menu to suit your event.

4. Games?! What to do?

Baby showers are notorious for the hilarious games that can be played between the female guests. Our team can assist with putting these together for you. Here are some of our favs:

  • Don’t Say Baby – give everyone a peg upon entry and anytime someone says the word “baby” they loose their peg. Person with the most pegs at the end wins.
  • Guess the weight (or date of birth) – Make a chart with everyone’s name down one side and pass it around. Guests need to guess the baby’s weight (or whatever you want to make them guess). Keep a hold of the chart and when the baby is born you can send a gift to the winner.
  • Guess mum’s belly size – Using a ball of string or yarn, each person is to cut a length of what they think is the circumference of the mum’s belly.
  • Dirty Diaper – Get 6 diapers and place a different chocolate bar in each and melt them slightly – guests have to guess what the chocolate bar is. Remember to number the diapers so you remember what you put in them.
  • Drink up! – Fill 5 bottles with juice and have 5 guests drink from the bottle as fast as they can. Whoever finished first is the winner.
  • Baby Bingo! Fill an inexpensive diaper bag with 10-12 common baby items. Give each person a piece of paper and have them write down 5 things that they expect to find in a baby diaper bag. Then have mum-to-be pick items from the bag and guests have to cross off from their list if they have it. First person to call Bingo wins.
  • My Water Broke Give each guest an ice cube with a plastic baby frozen inside. Your guests keep a watchful eye on their baby to see whose baby will melt out of the ice cube first. Watch your guests find creative ways to be the first to melt the ice. Winner shouts “My Water Broke!”

Baby shower gift5. What to give as a gift?

Some mothers-to-be will look to have a registry with a department store. This is due to the amount of varied items that can be included in this list. The registry list can be filled with baby related items from nappies, bottles, toys, clothes and more. If there is a list, be sure to check what is on it and once you have made your purchase ensure that the store removes the items from the list.

6. What do the men do?

In current times, friends of the new father-to-be may look at a cerebration of their own – a “man-ternity” party!

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