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10 Things Movies Get Wrong About Weddings (And TV as well)

It’s fun to go out and watch a movie, especially Romantic Comedies (IE Rom-Coms). While they are fun and we all have a laugh, unfortunately, they get many things wrong when it comes to weddings. Don’t get me wrong as many elements are correct. However, some are either exaggerated or straight out lies. While I do understand its ‘just a movie’ the truth is that many people think that what happens in movies will happen to them as these common clichés always come up. They are so frequent that we have a couple that sometimes references a movie and asks if what happened in that movie can happen to them. Here are 10 things that movies get wrong about weddings!

10 Things Movies Get Wrong About Weddings (And TV as well)

Angry Bride? A Bridezilla? Reasonable / Unreasonable?

Bucks Party Is Always The Night Before

I am going to start with the most common one (especially in comedies) but no one has a bucks the night before the wedding. At most some family members might go out for a drink/dinner but that’s about it. The common theme in movies (popularised by The Hangover Movie Series) is played out in almost every wedding-related wedding comedy. Think about it if you have ever been to a hens or bucks the night before, it’s just unheard of in modern times.

Let’s be honest every groom knows how much was spent on their wedding, they might be drunk but no groom would get that smashed the night before to miss it. This is the kind of thing that will follow you for the rest of your married life.

The trailer from the original Hangover Movie

Left At The Altar

This does happen but it is remarkable so uncommon that it should not be so commonplace in movies. In most cases when this happens the breakup is on the lead-up to the wedding. It may even happen on the day or even the night before. An actual situation where a groom/bride is left at the alter is almost unheard of these days.

Something Always Goes Very Wrong

Something will always happen at a wedding however nowhere near as bad as what movies make them out to be. Sure someone might be a little late or the florist will bring the wrong flower. We have even seen at a wedding venue a bride across from our setup of her nearly smashing the cake. This is because the cake had ‘Marvel Cake Toppers’ instead of ‘Star Wars Cake Toppers’. However, that was how she handled the situation and was easily rectifiable. The situations at weddings are so over the top they make it out that because of ‘X’ the wedding can no continue. This never happens unless one half of the couple goes missing… which is almost non-existent.

Best Man Loses The Ring

Dimitri one of our male wedding planners has been a groom and best man. He chimed in on this but as a best man, you are given these rings on the wedding day to look after. The groom will always say something like “you better take good care of this”. Also on the lead up to the wedding, the bride will often make at least one remark like “you better not lose these rings or I will punch you in the nuts”. Much pressure is to be had and the best man will often keep the ring in the top pocket for safekeeping. if the best man has a partner, they will often remind them of safekeeping duties.

That being said the best man may make the “oh no wheres the wedding ring gag during the ceremony”. No one laughs at this. Dimitri did contemplate this at his friend’s wedding when he was the best man but decided it would be in poor taste. This is one thing he says that “this is one of the things movies get wrong about weddings”.

Groom Falls In Love With Wedding Planner

Thanks to J-Lo in The Wedding Planner Movie the groom falls for the bride. This has never happened during the entire existence of Pink Caviar Events nor the history of anyone we ever know. You can rest assured knowing the head planner Stephanie is married and I am engaged 🙂

Saying The Wrong Name At The Altar

So you are up at the altar and you are about to say the all-important “I Take Thee…”. All of a sudden you blurt out the wrong name. Movies and TV shows get this wrong all the time. You do not spend years with someone and make a slip like that.

Someone Always Objects

That awkward moment the priest announces “If anyone objects speak up now. A popular but never happens. In your entire life have you ever seen this happen? I have not and asking other members of staff they have not seen this either. While we are not saying this will never happen the fact is that this just never happens.

We even went so far as to contact a priest that we know and told him about the premise about things movies get wrong about weddings. Father Gerasimos from St George Orthodox Church in Rose Bay reminded us that he was a Greek Orthodox priest and they do not ask this question to the guests at weddings. So he has never seen this himself nor any ‘objections’ during the ceremony.

Rushing To Get To The Airport

While I can not vouch for the rest of the world I can confirm that the last departures at Sydney Airport are roughly 10 pm. Most weddings are in the evening. The majority of our clients go the next morning or within 7 days after their wedding. Most wedding in Sydney Australia finish from 11 pm onward, so the airport has already had its last departure by then.

Can you imagine planning your wedding, being up from 5 am, partying all day then rushing to get to the airport tired and potentially hungover! We even recommend most couples go the day after especially in a hotel. This is to enjoy your first day as husband and wife so they do not have to rush at checkout.

Profession Of Love For The Bride During A Speech Or Reception

There can be times when a groomsman or bridesmaid may have feelings for one of the couple. But this sort of thing is dealt with in advance. While some say that you have every chance to show your love for someone until they are married the simple truth is that the couple is now married during the speech. This would not only publicly ruin a friendship but also a wedding. To publicly embarrass your self like this during a speech and let’s be honest speeches are very intimidating. This is just not going to happen. If this does happen then the person does not deserve a ‘pat on the back’ but a ‘WTF is wrong with you’.

Also if you use a professional MC they are trained in the event that a situation like this will happen. They know how to control these situations should it arise.

The above just does not happen at weddings!

Long Time Family Issues Are Resolved

Families and friends come together to celebrate a wedding but let’s are honest, these are never resolved. Sure people will put their differences aside for the sake of the happy couple but never fix them. In most cases, they will stay very clearly on one side of the reception and the other on the other side. A few pleasantries are exchanged but in the grand scheme of things, this is about it.

Things Movies Get Wrong About Weddings – Movies & TV Shows Are Just Stories

You will not believe how many clients ask questions about what they have seen in movies and TV. As you can see that there are many things movies get wrong about weddings but do not worry we are here to correct these misconceptions. If you liked this article check out our blog about what ‘10 Things Movies Get Wrong About Wedding Planning‘ exploring the world of wedding planning.

Have you seen any of the above at wedding with your own experience? Are there any other things you think movies get wrong about weddings? Grab some popcorn and join the discussion below in the comments section 🙂 

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