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14 Signs You Are A Bridezilla

Are you being told by family and friends you are being unbearable while planning your wedding? Perhaps all the suppliers for your wedding are saying you are intolerable to work with? Have you ever considered that you may be a bridezilla? Today we look at some of the tell-tail signs you are a bridezilla! Sit back, have a read and lets to a look.

Signs You Are A Bridezilla

What Hubby / Fiance??

Are you planning your big day with your future partner? Have you considered any of their ideas? The wedding day is about both of your. If 100% of the ideas are yours because you don’t want to listen to anyone else especially your future husband then chances are you are being a bridezilla. This is one of the first signs you are a bridezilla because  you wont even get input from your partner.

Everything Must Colour Match – Even The Guests

Angry Bride: Signs You Are A BridezillaDo you have a colour palette?  Must it be all pastels with touches of gold and so on? It’s one thing for the decor and bridal party to match the colours as your wedding but not the guests. I don’t mean something something like Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries wedding back in 2011. Black and white is very easy to work with. I am referring to getting all your guests to purchase or rent specific items of clothes that they would never wear again. A good example is a very specific shade of ‘teal’ that all men must have as their jacket colour.

You Know All Suppliers Number Off By Heart

It one thing to know or even just recognise some of your suppliers number especially ones you have been working more with. To not just have their numbers on speed dial but also to know it off by heart is scary.


What do you mean you have to compromise as its your wedding day? If you have uttered the phrase “my future husband ideas are downright stupid” or “I do not care about the price we MUST do it” then it may be a sign you are a bridezilla. The wedding day is supposed to be about the couple and there must be a level of comprise. This compromise is to get the input of the future husband, your family and also cater to a budget.

You Have Started To Analyse Every Wedding You Have Been To And Pointing Out Their Flaws

Have you started to look at all your previous friends weddings and judge? I am not talking to reliving some great memories. I am referring to if you look at your friends weddings and point out what you believe to be ‘flaws’. You start thinking how you could have done it better. Who care if they were younger and didn’t have the finances. It’s their day and they did it their way to their taste.

The Experts Have No Idea

You have relied on a team of experts for your wedding day but now you think they are all stupid and have no idea. What would they know about wedding planning! The only exception to the rule is when you hire someone who isn’t an established business but just a social media page with a gmail (we have heard too many horror stories).

You Over React Very Quickly

If something goes wrong you go from 0 to 100 in 3 seconds. Our head planner Stephanie was setting up for a wedding once. While setting up, she could hear screaming next door. She peeked her head to see what was going on and saw another bride going ballistic. Turns out they put the wrong wedding topper on her cake. She was swearing, yelling and being abusive to those around her. She looked so mad that we thought we was going to throw the cake on the floor. It is one thing to be upset and if something happens on your day, you should try to try to resolve it or at least tell someone try. It is not a good thing to abuse people.

You Lost A Friendship

Your best friend is the matron of honour but if you put so much pressure on her for an extended period of time, this can cause the friendship to crack and even break. If you are scaring off all your close friends then perhaps the issue lies with you.

Nobody Is Taking Your Calls

Do you like talking to people who are unreasonable, unrelenting or not nice to talk to? If people are avoiding your calls its a sign they may not want to be around you. This is one of the classic signs you are a bridezilla and often happens more closer to the wedding day.

Your Bridesmaid Clash With The Decor – Wait, What?!?!?!

Perfect day, perfect setting but that bridesmaids hair clashes with your theme.. SHE HAS TO GO. This is a true story from back in 2016. Sure have matching bridesmaids outfits and in some cases if you want them to all have the same colour (as long as they are all on board is fine). But to have someone change their natural hair colour because it may clash is silly. The bride always looks stunning on her day and all eyes are on her anyway.

Bridezilla Intervention

You go to a friends place for dinner. When you arrive all your family and friends are there. This sounds initially great but the event is for YOU and for you to stop being unreasonable so they stage an intervention. If you entire family and friends stage an intervention, this is one of (if not) one of the clearest signs you are a bridezilla.

No Sense Of Personal Boundaries

So you have your wedding day coordinator or wedding planner. Its Saturday night and you want to run some ideas past them. Most people would email their ideas and understand they may get a response the next day or Monday. A bridezilla would call them at anytime of the night and expect an immediate response. They then get angry when they don’t reply immediately. If you are calling your wedding suppliers for a ‘chat’ or to ‘run’ some ideas past them at 11pm on a Saturday night, that’s unreasonable. The ONLY situations this is acceptable is it you have agreed upon this prior for whatever reason. Another other reason is that it is your wedding day and something is missing or gone wrong (EG wedding car not showing up to leave the venue).

That One Petal Is Out Of Place And Ruined The Whole Wedding

Everything went off without a hitch and there is nothing wrong having everything your way on your day.  If however something super tiny like one of the petals on one of the tables is slightly different and you hit the roof then you are a bridezilla. I do not mean if the flowers are dead or this isn’t what you ordered. I am referring to something so tiny that it would be considered super OCD.

Expecting Bridesmaids To Loose Weight Just To look Better In Photos

As the bride you can choose to loose weight, keep your shape or anything in-between. Telling your bridesmaids to loose weight to match everyone else is unacceptable.

What are your thoughts of our Signs You Are A Bridezilla list? Are there any ones we left off the bridezilla list? Join the discussion and join the discussion below 🙂

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