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DJ Or Band For Your Wedding

The age old question of having a DJ or a band at your wedding is one that some couples can either easily agree upon or have debates over. The question is not if you will have a DJ or a band but rather which one will you have. Today we will look at the pro’s and con’s of having either a DJ or Band for your wedding.

DJ Or Band

Years gone past it was more traditional to have a band. This is mostly due to a couple of reasons. Firstly the DJ as we now know it did not become popular until the 1970s for weddings. They had been around years before but for weddings, this came later. So up until that point, the live band was the first choice. Even after DJ’s started hitting the scene (you can read more here), traditionally people preferred the live band because it was what they were used to.

The DJ

When people hear the term DJ they think of a nightclub these days but DJ’s have become very popular with weddings. Generally, a DJ is just one person who has their own equipment – the music, amps and everything to connect to the wedding reception venue to give it atmosphere and play the music throughout the night. There are varied pros and cons to having a DJ.

A DJ mixing it up
DJ Pro’s
  • The DJ will have thousands upon thousands of songs at their disposal for the wedding reception. This varies from what’s new to stuff for the older generation. This ensures a good mix for everyone to enjoy. They will also have a selection of popular current songs played at weddings.
  • A DJ is more cost effective as it is a ‘one man band’. A band has several members which tend to be more expensive.
  • DJ’s will generally offer an MC option. This can further save you money for a little bit extra as they can double both the entertainment at your reception and the MC. Please note not all DJ’s make great MC’s.
DJ Con’s
  • As mentioned above that not all DJ’s make great MC’s. This also translates into some DJ’s having less than stellar personalities. While most wedding DJ’s are personable some prefer to stay behind the decks and do not bring the life to the party. This can rub some people the wrong way.
  • Some of the older generations do not like DJ’s because when they got married they had a band. Some do not like some of the faster beat songs that the DJ’s play these days. This is especially true if you are into techno or dub-step (don’t play dub step at your wedding).

The Live Band

Bands / musical groups have been around for thousands of years. Entertaining people for many generations they are still commonplace in today’s society. All I have to say is “the top 50” and most people will associate it with the top 50 songs today and there are definitely bands in there 😉 . While they have been around for a long time, there are some definite pros and cons to having them at your wedding.

A band playing – good old trumpet
Live Band Pro’s
  • A live band will bring the wedding reception to life. The sound coming from the instruments are definitely felt and experienced compared to the best-pre-recorded song.
  • Unlike a DJ stereo-typically, they are more people friendly. They will have one band member as the one to talk to the reception. As a result, a band will generally have a great MC among them and generally offer an MC option as well.
  • Some bands come prepared and have their smartphone / MP3 player with all their music. This is mostly used during an intermission when the band go on a break. They may not only have culturally specific music but also a collection of modern songs as well. The only downside of this ‘pro’ is that it is not normally a massive list but only enough to cover them for their break times. That being said if you ask them before the wedding you could either give them or ask if they have certain songs to be played.
Live Band Con’s
  • No matter how you look at it, a live band will be more expensive. This is because there are many members with their own unique skills and talents. They make the band come alive on the night.
  • They will generally have a limited repertoire. Do not get me wrong, they will know many songs that are new and old combined. However, a DJ will have literally thousands upon thousands of songs at their disposal.
  • If your wedding is culturally specific you will need to choose one that has the music you want. For example, if you have a Greek background you will want a group that knows not only traditional Australian songs but also Greek music as well. A DJ can simply download the selected track but a band will have to learn and practice each song.

Band & DJ For Your Wedding / Event?

For many people, the choice is either a band OR a DJ for your wedding. In some cases, they can actually be used together and work in tandem. A lot of the time it is often culturally specific or for people who are into their music. There are often DJ’s and will explore this of how to have a band and DJ at your wedding (coming soon)

Your Choice

Just like anything when choosing a DJ or band for your wedding reception it’s up to your budget and personal choice. If you would like help planning your wedding and are deciding on having a DJ or band contact us today. We do not just help you choose a band or a DJ but also to make sure they work together with the rest of the event so everything will run smoothly.

Do you have a question for Ask Emilie then email her here? Alternatively, fill out the form below and have your question answered in our wedding blog. Also, check out the other Ask Emilie Blogs here, they may also contain what you are looking for or give you ideas an inspirations for other wedding related questions.

Are you deciding on having a DJ or band at your wedding reception? Which do you prefer? Join the discussion and join the discussion below 🙂

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