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He’s About To Propose: Tips And Awesome Suggestions For The Moment After

He’s About To Propose: Tips And Awesome Suggestions For The Moment After

So if you are reading this then you believe he’s about to propose, would like him to propose or he literally just proposed.  This blog deals with the situation directly after you get proposed to. Depending on your personal choice and how he proposed there are a few handy hints for the moment after. If he proposed in front of your entire family and friends then this limits your options but lets see if our guide can help you.

He’s About To Propose

Pause On Social Media

About To Propose: Social Media

They saw the tiny ring immediately

Each person is different but take a moment and realise you have just been proposed to. Here is what happens the moment you post this on FaceBook or Twitter. Firstly you will be getting a notification every 2 seconds, emails, phone calls, texts and so on congratulating the two of you. A tip is to take a pause on social media. What I mean but that is of course tell your family and enjoy the first 24-48 hours to yourselves before posting on social media and getting a barrage of calls.

This gives you the ability to spend some quality time together before you unleash the news on the world. When I proposed to my now wife we held if off for a good 24 hours. We let out parents know as I proposed in the Hunter Valley. We wanted to spend some alone time before the rest of the world knew. The only tip for this is that if you do post anything on social media BEFORE you announce to the world, make sure the ring is not showing in any photos or people will know. Take a look at the photo here. It was what we posted on FaceBook before we announced to the rest of the world and someone noticed the ring and starting to comment and called congratulate us. It was subtle but its all in the details that people can notice.

Enjoy The Moment

For some reason every person who just gets proposed to goes into planning mode almost immediately. In simple terms you control when and where your wedding is happening. You have plenty of time to plan your wedding and there is no immediate rush. While some brides have been planning their wedding subconsciously for years, there is no immediate rush so just enjoy being engaged.

Do Not Make Commitments Early On

Ok so you decided to tell your family and maybe best friends. Your parents may start saying “You must have you first cousin in your bridal party”. You may also invite friends to be in the bridal party just out of excitement but aren’t that close. Your wedding is a little like Game Of Thrones in that there is a lot of politics. You never know what happening round the corner. Your parents may push for certain relatives to attend or be involved but you have not seen them in over 10 years.

Friends come and go into your life and a friend you are on good terms with may never be seen again. Obviously someone like your best friend and siblings are going to be involved. Take a moment and assess all the options available. The last thing you want to happen while planning is “but you said I could” and that was months ago while you were not thinking.

Your Choice

It all comes down to you and how you want to handle it. Remember that if he just proposed or he’s about to propose the ball is in your court. You decide how you want to announce it and how you want to handle it – no one else. From the moment after everything calms down and you need a hand whether it be wedding planning, coordinators and so on contact us. But until then enjoy the moment.

What are your thoughts on or tips? Do you have any tips for when he is about to propose? Let us know in the comments below and join the discussion 🙂

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