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Open Air Photo Booth: What Is It?

(Last Updated On: 18/12/2018)

When most people think of a photo booth they think of the traditional photo booth. This is the one that is the box shaped one you enter which can fit 2 or 3 people. Did you know that there are 5 types of photo booths? It was covered in this article here. Today we are going to be talking about  the Open Air Photo Booth. We will discuss the differences of them for you to consider for your next event.

What Is An Open Air Photo Booth?

As the name suggests it is literally a photo booth that uses the open air. The fundamental difference between the open air photo booth and a traditional photo booth is that you are not inside a box to take photos. They have many unique features that can make any party great.

The traditionally look like a free standing unit and can fit into almost any situation. This is because they are generally the shape and no bigger than a fridge. They generally use a curtain backdrop or a natural backdrop.

Large Group Photos

The most obvious advantage of an open air photo booth is that they are perfect for group photos. Because the photo is in an open environment many people can be in the photo. Generally approx 2 meters from the backdrop can fit 15 people in a group or 2 close up and easily.

In fact you can fit more if you pull the booth back and can fit even more. We have our open open air photo booth and the record we currently have is 15 people in one photo (as seen in the photo). In fact if you break that record you become our FaceBook cover shot.

Open Air Photo Booth - Photo Thingy 15 people
Large Photo Booth Group Shot 15 People

Easy To Work With In Tight Spaces

As mentioned above, the open air photo booths are able to fit into tighter areas because they are the shape of a fridge and generally not bigger than one. Unlike a traditional photo booth which is a set shape and takes time to build. Traditional booth are also generally  larger and require more space.

Takes Advantage Of Natural Backdrops

While it is fine to use a curtain backdrop, you may already have a picturesque backdrop which you are most welcome to take advantage of this. For example you could be in a beautiful heritage building or a vineyard in the Hunter Valley and want it in your photos.

Compared to a traditional photo booth, you are not in a small enclosed area. This lets you take advantage of any space you are in. Don’t want a backdrop then you don’t have that have one.

Open Air Photo Booth - Photo Thingy Open Air Photo Booth Natural Backdrop brick traditional wedding entertainment veil
Sexy Photo's Are Taken With An Open Air Photo Booth

Green Screen Functionality

With the advantage of a large open background you can utilise a green screen. This is perfect for corporate branding or even an extra special backdrop for your next event. Other types of photo booths can not do this or as effectively. This is because a traditional booth have a tiny space. The green screen would be mostly covered up and not worth using. Although a green screen is fun and easy to use, just don’t wear green 😉

Check out the sexy video above showcasing the green screen

Photo Bombing Fun

Last but not least the open air photo booth as one last unique advantage. This is the joy of photo bombing. As the traditional booth is enclosed, it does not allow for photo bombing. Other guests can impromptu join in on the fun and take a photo with you. It allows to make more fun photos and get the whole party involved instead of being blocked off.

We have our own open air photo booth at Pink Caviar Events. We call it Photo Thingy and it is a lot of fun. You can incorporate it with our other packages such as styling or candy buffets. You can even book the open air photo booth directly.

Check out the links below to see what other options there are for photo booths:

Have you seen or used any open air booths? What do you think of them compared to other types of photo booths?

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