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Seasonal Blooms

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Even the most modern and practical bride will acknowledge that the wedding flowers are a special memento of the day. The history and tradition that goes with the selection of flowers are rich. While many brides do not know the details or the language of flowers, they take special pride in selecting flowers that go well with the overall wedding theme. They will choose flowers that will look beautiful throughout the wedding and reception. There are many flowers that occur at certain times of the year. It is important to choose Seasonal Blooms that are right for your wedding.

There are definitely wedding flower choices that are more dramatic and difficult to obtain than others. The easiest flowers for a bride to choose are the ones that are in season and blooming at the time of the wedding. This will help with the cost side of the wedding planning and ease of sourcing. It’s not always easy to incorporate florals, either. There are different arrangements that are easier to pull off than others. Understanding the seasonality of the local area where the wedding will be held is one of the best ways to create a wedding flower arrangement that is fitting, beautiful, fresh and affordable.

Seasonal Blooms: The Right Flowers for Your Wedding

The consultants here at Pink Caviar Events are well qualified to help advise a bride on the right flowers to make the wedding exceptional. The wedding flowers that are selected without concern for the location of the wedding, the time of year, or the market for the flowers will be more expensive, more difficult to source and more complicated to maintain throughout the wedding.

A bride who’s wanted lavender orchids since she was six may have some tough decisions to make. This is especially true if she is having her wedding in June and is unable to get them. Our team can pull off many magical miracles. However, they may not be able to get the freshest naturally grown lavender orchids for that wedding. During the planning phase of the wedding process, the bride should consider what will be in season. The bride must also consider where the location the wedding will be held.

How to Choose The Right Flowers

The use of flowers that are the same as or complementary to the flowers the bride carries throughout the festivities. It ties together the event together and helps make an extraordinary impact that only flowers can. Selecting edible flowers can be woven into the salad, or flowers that have the ability to hold up well as favours when painted or edged in gold. Also, flowers that can be handed out to each guest individually with a saying is more meaningful than sourcing the elusive lavender orchid.

Our team will help brides to consider the impact and memory they want to make with flowers. It is more than just having a big flashy bouquet. The flowers are the heart of the wedding decor and say something special and unique about the bride! Contact us today and lets help pick your favourite seasonal blooms. Book an appointment with one of our stylists to help choose the right flowers for your wedding day.

What flowers are you considering for your wedding? Are there any seasonal blooms that you like? Join the discussion below and let us know in the comment section below 🙂

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