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Should You Invite Work Colleagues To Your Wedding

You are in the middle of planning your wedding and the talk of the guest list comes up. You know which family and friends are to be invited without questions. Sure you may debate some distant relatives and some not so close friends. But what about the question many couples ask themselves if you should invite work colleagues? For some it is a simple question and others not so much.

Should You Invite Work Colleagues – Yes… No… Maybe?!?!?!

Would you consider your office work colleagues / work friends as genuine friends and invite them to your wedding??

To answer this question in one word… MAYBE (this depends on your relationship with your job, boss and so on). Let’s delve deeper into this question to see if we can help shed some light into this sometimes very complex question. There are a lot of factors to consider. To make this as easy as possible I will break this down into some very simple questions.

How Long Have You Been At Your Current Job

If you are new to your job, then you may not wish to invite anyone. If you have been at your job for only six months or less, generally speaking, you do not need to invite anyone. Nor should it enter anyone’s minds to expect an invite. Let’s be frank, you’re new! The expectation to invite people you don’t know, especially outside of work is ridiculous. This rule applies to a whole host of scenarios.

Same Rule Different Scenario (Plus Ones)

Let’s say your best friend is seeing this awesome new guy, and they’ve known each other for two months. Will it last, or will it be like all the others? This rule applied to me; I am now married our head planner Stephanie Cassimatis. While we were dating, I was invited to a wedding of a work friend. Only after they met her and saw how serious things were, did they invite her to their wedding. I asked if they were ok with this as we were still relatively new. My friend said, “This one is different, we like her, but also you both make sense together, so I have no hesitation in inviting her”.

Do You Get Along With Your Work Colleagues

Sometimes people invite their work colleagues ‘just because they feel they should’. If you are at a job and you do not get along with your colleagues / do not associate with them, then do not feel obliged to invite them. Why invite people you do not like or are only a passing acquaintance?

If they are a work friend, then you may need to ask yourself if they are a real friend or just a work friend. If the friendship is genuine, then of course (just as long as office politics doesn’t play a role).

The only exception is your boss. If for whatever reason you do not get along with your boss, then there may be a reason to invite him/her if you are wanting a promotion or being strategic.

Are You Planning To Stay At Your Current Job For Long

Let’s be honest; people change jobs all the time. If you are getting married and you do not plan to stay at your job after your wedding, then is there any point in inviting anyone? If you have friends at your job, then this is a different story but the tension to invite people should be off your shoulders as you may never see them again if you decide to leave.

Would You Invite Everyone Or Be Selective

Sometimes weddings are a little Game Of Throne-esque where you must be selective. In some jobs you can not invite everyone as the company you work for could be a multinational and your department has 50 people. In this case, it is understandable to invite your immediate manager or close colleagues. Working in a large corporation means that while surrounded by man people, it does not mean you know everyone.

You may instead work for a small to medium-size business that may have 2 to 20 people. This situation can be a little trickier. If you do not invite anyone, then that’s fine. Smaller companies tend to have more tight-nit/closer relationships. This means that some can be offended if they are not invited while others are.

Friends & Family Run Business

Are you working for a family-run business? This is important because they say that ‘blood is thicker than water’ (especially according to Vin Diesel from Fast & The Furious). If everyone is related to each other, then the relationships are very close. While it is understood that you may not know everyone in the family business there may be an expectation that if you invite one, then you invite them all. The only difference is that if the company you work for is your owned by your family. In this case then hypothetically you would have already invited everyone and would have known them for years while growing up.

Are You The Boss?

Sometimes in life, you are the boss. The question you are asking yourself here is if you should invite your employees. Considering you are the boss, you hold all the influence, and it is your choice. That said, you may want to invite your managers and selective suppliers that your company works with. While this is your business and you can do whatever you like, you do not want to appear to have favourites and cause dissent in the ranks.

This video has no genuine bearing on the blog, I just wanted to put it in because I like the song… and it’s about bosses

There you have it, hopefully, this gives you some ideas on who to invite (if at all) from your work. Just remember it’s your wedding and you may never see these people again in your next job. Then again, you could be trying to get a promotion and may need to invite some of your colleagues strategically.

Are you planning to invite some of your work colleagues to your wedding? Did you feel pressured or was it a ‘no-brainer’? Let us know by leaving a comment down below 🙂

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