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How To Prevent A Bucksjack

So you are all set for your bucks party or hens night. Everything is going awesomely when all of a sudden your future bride or groom rocks up. Either on their own or they have dragged the whole party over. When this happens it is called a Bucksjack. The corresponding bucks party / hens party […]

What The Heck Is A Hucks Party?

What is a hucks party you may be asking? You may be thinking that your eye’s are playing tricks on you and you are thinking of a buck’s party but you would be wrong. A huck’s is a combination between a bucks party and a hens night (hence hucks party). They have been around for […]

How To Organise A Bucks Party

So you are in charge of organising a buck party. A night planned of good times, good drinks and good memories with family and friends of the groom. In itself it seems fairly simple to organise a bucks party. So to keep things as easy as possible we have collected tips and ideas from people […]