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Wedding Planning Advice With Stephanie – Vlog

Are you planing your wedding? Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the wedding aspects? Do you want advice from an industry professional who has over 12 years experience in this area? Our Wedding Planning Advice vlog can help you with getting started on your wedding planning journey with advice and suggestions on various topics. Watch and listen as Stephanie addresses some of the most popular subjects from her years as a Wedding Planner.

Welcome to our Vlog – Wedding Planning Advice from Someone in the Know!


Wedding Planning Advice with Stephanie Cassimatis

Stephanie is here to help you

Our Wedding Planning Advice Vlog with Founder Stephanie Cassimatis will address some of the main topics when it comes to planning a wedding. From how to get started to invitations and children at weddings, this vlog series will feature some useful advice and tips on planning your wedding.

Sit back and watch as Stephanie goes through various areas of the wedding planning process. Listen to some useful wedding planning advice from a professional who does this for a living.

Watch in high end 4K resolution with fortnightly releases, be sure to check out the below episodes.

About Stephanie

Stephanie is very passionate about creating dream events for clients and seeing their smiles when they walk into the space she created for them. She has qualifications in the fields of Tourism, Events as well as Project Management making her an extremely organised and methodical. She loves to help people design their special day. With her calm and reassuring attitude, you can rest assured that you are being well looked after.

Having been in the industry for over a decade, Stephanie is someone you want on your team. She cares to ensure you are enjoying not only the wedding day but the process leading up to it.

If you are looking for additional assistance with wedding planning, styling, on-the-day coordinating, destination weddings or other events, feel free to contact us.

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