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What To Look For In Photo Booths

What To Look For In Photo Booths DSLR VS Webcam

So you are looking at having a photo booth at your wedding and exploring all the options. Many booth operators start to look the same. That said, there are some subtleties with photo booths that can make a big difference. These difference can make an amazing photo booth experience or a not so great one. I am not going to talk about the different types of photo booths as that was covered already here. Today we look at these subtle differences and show you what to look for in photo booths.

What To Look For In Photo Booths

DSLR Camera VS Webcam

Many people do not know this, but the quality of the photo booth photo can vary quite considerably. Photo booth operators can use anything from a webcam to a professional DSLR camera. Generally speaking, a webcam can do the job, but the quality is of very low quality compared to even the most basic DSLR.

In general, a webcam photo will look more grainy and have resolutions of 1920 x 1080. While it is considered HD, this is roughly 2.1 megapixels. Even low-end DSLR cameras have resolutions of 18 megapixels. If you were to choose one question to ask your photo booth operator, you should ask what type of camera is used.

Attendant VS No Attendant

You can save a bit of money by opting to have an unmanned photo booth. While initially, this is a great idea for cost savings, the simple fact is that if something goes wrong, then you are left on your own to resolve it. What if the photo booth runs out of paper? What if guests are not familiar with how to use/operate the booth and can’t resolve the issue? You want to be able to enjoy your wedding and not have to worry about technical issues.

I heard of people literally getting a 5-minute lesson on how to use the photo booth before being left to monitor someone else’s photobooth throughout an event. They learned how to reboot the system, troubleshoot, refill the printer and more. Therefore for a few dollars extra, it pays to have an attendant so you can relax and let someone else worry about the booth and should be the 3rd highest question you ask when it comes to ‘what to look for in photo booths’.

Photo Booth Printer VS Inkjet Printer

Some of the low-end photo booth operators made their photo booths on the cheap. One of the best examples of this is the use of a simple inkjet printer. Any decent photo booth operator will use what is called a sub-dye printer. These printers produce passport quality photos and a superior image which are used in professional photo print labs.

The last thing you want is to pay for photos that are the same quality printed on a home printer. If you use one of these low-end printers, then you might as well make your own photo booth. The other issue is that even if you use photo paper for the inkjet, the paper tray capacity only around 50 pages/photos. Your photo booth may go out of operation often to be reloaded (or worse you are continually doing it yourself without an attendant). Make sure to ask what type of printer is inside the booth, which should be the second-highest question when asking yourself ‘what to look for in photo booths’.

Type Of Props

Did you know that the quality of props varies considerably? In most peoples minds, props are considered standard, well you are very wrong. Some photo booth companies do not even provide props (this is rare though), and you have to source your own. Then there are the low-end cardboard props. These are more often cardboard print outs on a chopstick, which may not last the entire evening.

What you need to look out for are companies that provide quality photo booth props. Ask your potential photo booth operator what type of props they use. The best type of props are ones which are durable such as hard moulded plastic props as well as a variety of head ware and durable fun signs to hold up. The use and feeling of cheap props can ruin a fun photo booth experience. When speaking to your photo booth operator and asking questions, asking what type of props is important when asking what to look for in photo booths.


Delivery Of Photo’s After Event

So you had a photo booth at your event and can’t wait to see all the fun photos. Firstly make sure your photo booth operator will give you a digital copy of all the photos taken. Digital copies are broken down into two categories. Firstly a digital copy of the photo strips that your guests get as well as the high-end full-resolution photos. These are the full resolution photos taken BEFORE they are scaled-down into the strips. The last thing you want is for your guests to get a print of the photos they took, BUT you get nothing.

There are many ways to deliver these photos. Examples include on a USB, direct digital download, use of an exclusive app or logging onto even a DVD. We recommend digital download because these are the fastest way to get your photos. You should not have to wait a week for a USB or DVD, especially since you will be on your honeymoon. You will not be able to see the photos till after your return.

Photo Booth Company

Make sure the photo booth company you have chosen has been around for a while. As the photo booth industry is not regulated anyone with a cheap webcam, inkjet printer and a company name can be an operator. There have been many cases of fly-by-night companies popping up and vanishing within six months. People have been left in the cold wondering what happened to their photo booth and where their money went.

Do your homework and make sure they are easy to reach, seen examples of their work and confirmed in writing they will be at your event.

In Conclusion: What To Look For In Photo Booths?

Make sure that you have checked out the various points mentioned above to make sure you use a quality photo booth company with decent equipment at your event. When looking at photo booth companies, you now know what to look for in photo booths

At Pink Caviar Events we have designed our own open-air photo booths from the ground up (which we affectionately call Photo Thingy). We were not happy with some of the photo booths we came across and built it to our high-end specifications. Our photo booths are available here, and come with an attendant, use DSLR cameras, use a high-end Sub-Dye photo booth printer and a large variety of durable, high-quality props. We give you the option of a USB or direct digital download for photo strips AND high-end DSLR shots. We have been operating photo booths for over five years. Contact us today by filling the form on this page to see how we can put some photo magic into your event.

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