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Write For Us – Guest Contributions – Blogs/Vlogs

On an almost daily basis, we receive emails from companies/people wanting to provide either snippets, images or guest blogging that link back to their site. Here is your chance to write for us.

Write For Us – How To Qualify

We hold a strict standard for our brand and to maintain quality for our readers. To be considered for you to write for us,  you/your company must pass the following requirements if applicable:

  1. We have used your product/service before. If we have not worked/used your product before then, please send us a sample to review prior for consideration.
  2. A fee of $500 must be paid in advance.

There is no negotiation on either of these points.

Content Criteria

If you have passed the above criteria and we accept your offer of content/blog/vlog proposal, the minimum requirements must be met below:

  • Image To Be Supplied: One image relevant to the product or service must be supplied for any blog, the minimum image resolution is 1920 x 1080. We must have written permission to host/display your images.
  • Vlogs: If creating video content our minimum resolution is HD aka 1920 x 1080. We personally film in 4k UHD and would prefer content in this resolution. We have written permission to host/display your video content.
  • Content/facts must be relevant to the Australian / New Zealand market and directly relevant to our market.
  • If writing a blog, content length must be a minimum of 1,000 words in well written Australian English. We have written permission to host your text and change if required without prior approval.
  • This may seem obvious but posts must not promote/be about our competitors (direct/indirect).
  • Links provided MUST be in relation to the subject matter.
  • If all approved, any changes to the blog from our end must be submitted in writing and will be submitted under consideration for us to review.

If you do not fall into the above criteria, then you will not be considered. Please note we reserve the right to edit/remove content on this site at any time without notification to the author/content provider. If you wish to discuss any opportunities then please contact